Ranch Raised Kids and the Arizona Cattle Industry Research and Education Foundation published Arizona Ranch Raised Kids in December 2018. The ACIF provides scholarships for further education, research and devlopment programs related to ranching and agriculture in Arizona. This book is available exclusively through the ACIF. Please go to Buy Here

Ranch Raised Kids is a series of books produced, photographed and written by Seth Joel Photography. Seth and his wife, Charlie Holland, have been documenting the vast rugged ranches of the southwest since 2015. They will be photographing ranch raised kids in California in January 2019. 

Ranch Raised Kids are seen through Seth's honest and unobstructed lens and heard in straightforward conversations with Charlie. They tell the narrative of modern ranching, tell the 'how' stories and talk about how they love and care for their livestock and the rugged yet fragile environment they inhabit.

Ranch Raised Kids are powerful advocates for a way of life and the contemporary cattle industry. If you and your children, would like to be part of Ranch Raised Kids us please contact Charlie at
818-312-2226 or [email protected] .
  1. 01
    Arizona Ranch Raised Kids, by Seth Joel and Charlie Holland co-published with the Arizona Cattle Industry Research and Education Foundation
    Dec 1 2018
  2. 02
    Appearance at the Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show, New Orleans, LA
    Jan 30 2019
  3. 03
    Tucson Festival of Books, with the Tucson Cowbelles, Tucson, AZ
    Mar 2 2019
  4. 04
    Planned feature in Western Ag Life magazine
    March 2019