"Seth and Charlie understand that it is all about the next generation and that ranch raised kids will continue to add value and contribute in ways that many forget, by holding space and appreciation for other people, vast rangelands, hard work, family heritage, and the livestock around them.  Their investment in the Ranch Raised Kids project, is an investment in the future of ranching in the West, but more importantly, it is testament to the amazing children that life on a ranch produces."

Amber Morin, Arizona Farm Bureau

This project, Ranch Raised Kids, was inspired by those amazing children.  Seth’s portraits are open and honest and show ranch kids doing the dangerous work that requires skills and knowledge beyond their years.

They may emulate their parents in manner, speech and dress, but in our interviews they talk about planning careers that will maintain their ranching heritage and also address the business realities of the contemporary cattle industry. Through their upbringing and their education, they will ensure the longevity of the ranching lifestyle that they are so proud to represent.
Seth Joel and Charlie Holland are professional photographers, based in Los Angeles, who have enjoyed a long marriage and successful careers. While they are easy to spot as the people who 'are not from around here' they keep showing up and continue to learn something new from every kid, every day and on every ranch they visit.


Charlie Holland
Charlie Holland